Best Place to stay in Kannur beach
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Best Place to stay in Kannur beach

Who we are


Chera Rocks beach house is located on the North Malabar coastline of Kerala. It’s flanked by the Arabian sea to the front, and has a tropical organic plantation on the hillside behind as its backdrop.

Our beach house offers you the rustic charm of being set beside a small traditional fishing community famous for gathering mussels. It provides the traveller with a taste of authentic Malabari life in a secluded and tranquil environment that is ideal for rejuvenating the senses.

Kizhunna beach where the resort is located is vast and uninhabited. The guests can walk up to 2 Kms on the pristine white sand beach digging in their heels and toes whilst experiencing the warm, blue water kissing their feet. There are a variety of shells all along the beach that one can pick up for their personal collection or for the sheer memory of this unspoiled break away from the mundane.

The beach house has its own unique magnetism that awakens the emotions and makes the heart sing. It’s a perfect hideaway for honeymooners and couples. The memories of this place will stay forever in the heart and minds of the visitors and will make them yearn to come back for more, time and time again.

The idyllic setting of this beach house is certain to infuse one’s senses with a certain kind of calm and a thaw develops in the way one visualises life and its trials. Once one visits this beach house, the whole of the pastoral ambience is bound to take one in its’ fold and make one hanker to be back, long after one has left this place.

Apart from the silence, the sound of the waves is a complete orchestra one always desires the ears to experience. These notes reach out to ones’ soul in several ways previously unknown that one longs for. The sunset at the beach house is a display of the glorious hues of the setting sun amidst the frolicking waves making merry with the ornate glow, rich in its ethereal essence.

The full moon nights are a sight one can only envisage in their dreams with the silvery waves playing in harmony with one’s inner core and being. The whole experience at the beach house is an occurrence worth a life time. It’s an experience of catharsis and subtle indulgence, made very affordable and easy by the staff and management of this idyllic tucked away place.

The beach house brings forth the actual essence of the culture and tradition of Kerela, beginning with the Kerela style cottages nestled within a grove of coconut trees on a secluded pearly white sand beach, creating a profoundly serene setting.

Like a fishing village

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Chera Rocks beach house has a distinct coastal character. Its layout and cottages reflect the traditional fishing villages of this area known for their simplicity and elegant charm. Close to our property is a fishing village where every morning one can see the fishermen bring back their catch of the day to be auctioned as is the practice. It makes for quite a spectacle and experience in itself.